A New Look at Death (It Ain’t Gonna Reign No More)

Bill Serjak

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bill Serjak.

07 The Battle Plan

Bill Serjak

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bill Serjak from the Joshua series “New Beginnings”

The Battle Plan
Joshua 6:1-27

This is the very beginning of the Jews conquering the Promised Land and the way they are doing it doesn’t make sense to us. We are not accustomed to seeing things conquered the way they set about doing it. The first thing Joshua did was to obey what God him and had the whole army circumcised. During the days following the circumcision, a small enemy army could have killed all their soldiers. They had been a people wandering in the wilderness without direction and not really even a nation. They had forgotten what God had told them to do as His people. They first had to establish themselves as followers of God’s ways and the first thing they needed to do was to be circumcised and establish themselves as God’s people. Christians need to do the same thing. We are God’s people and should do things God’s way, which will always be different from the way the world does things. Many times, we wander in the wilderness, following every wind of doctrine of the current trends of the world. We take on the ways of the wilderness in which we wander. Christians need to establish ourselves as different, even if it makes us vulnerable to the world. The Jews did just that.

In Beginning 11: The Curse

Bill Serjak

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bill Serjak from the Genesis series “In Beginning”

the Lamb wins!

The Curse
Genesis 3:11-19

When people have their own idea of right and wrong, they may do terrible things but think they are doing what is right. They work to find ways to hide what they have done from God and maybe even from themselves. When God asked Adam, “Where are you?” Adam said that he hid from God because he was naked and afraid. Last week we discussed how today we have become more adept at hiding and using more sophisticated images as our covering. We will do almost anything to keep hiding behind our image and so will people who are doing horrible things. Gangsters try to maintain a family image; many even go to church and have their children baptized. They hide behind an image as all of us are inclined to do. We deal with sin by trying to hide it. No one does that more often than church people. We do what we need to do to maintain our image so others will think we are the good people of the world.

09. Theology of Power

Robert T. Henderson

This message is from author and pastor Robert T. Henderson. Enchanted Community and other book titles from Pastor Henderson are available from amazon.com