Sermon Gold has its origin in the love and faithful modeling and preaching of Pastor Robert Henderson who took me under his wing as a young bewildered baby Christian to pour into me rich gold of God’s word. Through it God has blessed my life and given me a love of God’s word – well preached in passion and truth – as well as a desire to encourage and resource my pastor friends and many others too. I thank God for Bob’s prayers and faithfulness (“love in shoe leather”)…he is a true peace maker in the Kingdom.

I have enjoyed transferring these “mostly cassette taped” analog messages to the digital world in the hope and prayer that others will enjoy and share the kingdom ‘gold’ and so be blessed as well. Thank you and bless you, Josh Meyer, for site development and support. There is no gold shared without your gifts and skills, my friend.

Love to my other dear friends in ministry who serve God and have dug into His word and mined out gold as well. To Pastor Bruce, Bill S., Bill K., Bob S., Randy L., and Alan T.; it is a blessing to share the gold together – thanks for letting me post your messages. We are blessed to be a blessing…so thank you for helping me realize that heartfelt desire.

The music has been graciously shared with me to minister in the quiet reflective moments of those who serve the sheep of our Great Shepherd and King in patient love, and to all those who simply need rest and a worship oasis.

Thanks to you… my musician friends:
Dave Cleveland and Pete Huttlinger, for allowing the use of the beautiful guitar songs seen under the (“And spiritual songs”) tab. Mei-Ling Felten for the beautiful sample hymns and recording a personal fav “Be Still My Soul”. Also thanks to a dear friend Sherry McPherson for samples of her personal worship songs (Into His Presence…songs of Hope and Healing). Thanks to the McPherson’s for the use of The Salvation Poem and Doxology, recordings heard under the tab called “Doctrine”.

Finally, thanks to my dear wife and family who have encouraged and upheld me in love through the many hours involved in editing and digitizing the sermons you are hearing. Also thanks to my beloved daughters… Anna whose beautiful soft alto voice you hear leading out the Doxology, and Cara who is my Sermon Gold confidant and text editor/photo artist.

May God be worshiped and glorified, and we be built up in love, worship and service in His name.

Craig Chapman

Contact: info@sermongold.com