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Jan 11 19

Our Messiah, or The Messiah

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bill Serjak.

Jan 7 19

Where is Your Tongue

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bill Serjak.

Jan 3 19

Awake My Soul – Bill and Sandy Serjak

by Sermon Gold

Pastor Bill and Sandy Serjak share about how enduring love wraps its arms around alzheimer’s disease in a sermon titled, “Awake my Soul.”

Dec 27 17

Flood Novel by Brennan McPherson

by Sermon Gold

FloodNearly two thousand years after Adam and Eve eat death into existence, the flavor still echoes in their descendants’ tongues. War is sweeping the world from the iron throne of a man who calls himself the God-King. Caught in the crucible is a young family broken by loss and carried along by the prophecies spoken over the infant boy who fits in their hands.

Will little Noah grow to be the savior the world needs? Or will bending his bow come easier then bending his knee to the God who holds his destiny?

Beginning before Noah is born and continuing on until the world is washed clean, Flood is a stunning story about family and forgiveness in a world filled with pain.

Flood is the second book in the Fall of Man series by Author Brennan McPherson.

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May 25 16

Cain Novel by Brennan McPherson

by Sermon Gold

Cain: The Story of the First Murder and the Birth of an Unstoppable EvilInflamed by jealousy, and on the brink of madness, Cain—firstborn among men—brutally beats his twin brother Abel to death. As the family struggles to believe God hasn’t abandoned them, Cain flees into the wilderness with the growing fear that murdering his brother might have birthed an unstoppable evil. Soon, all of life balances upon one perilous question: is the monster inside Cain the gateway to godhood or the end of mankind?

Cain is a daring, atmospheric novel by Author Brennan McPherson—the first in a new biblical fiction series based on Genesis 1–11—drawn with visionary scope, literary depth, and immense respect to the biblical text.

Come, get lost in the wonders of Genesis.

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May 25 16

What on Earth is the Church? by Robert T Henderson

by Sermon Gold

what-on-earthThe author’s focus and intention for this book was provoked by several stimuli. One is that more than 50 percent of the world’s population is under twenty-five years of age, and for the most part not formed by the church. Secondly, in the coffee shop where he hangs out, when his conversation partners learn of his long career as a pastor, they inevitably ask about the church: “What in the world is the church? What is its purpose?” And thirdly, it is provoked by the lament of a very gifted journalist and editor who rejected his strict Christian upbringing and has been in his adult years an avowed agnostic–but who recently, while visiting a monastery in Spain and hearing the monks chant their evening prayers, sensed a longing for what he had forsaken. These three stimuli have inspired this attempt at an alternative narrative to the essence of the church, an attempt to give a definition to an inquirer from square one. This book may not resonate with those who are content with religious Christianity and its familiar institutions. Its timely message is this: the church has got to be a thrilling and purposeful dimension of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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May 3 16

A Man of Prayer

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor and teacher Alan Tripp.

Nov 2 15

Parables Series Part 1: Parables of Life. No One…

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor and teacher Bruce Milleman from the series “Kingdom Life / Parables”.

May 4 15

The Mission

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor and teacher Randy Larson.

Jul 30 13

The Bottom Lines (5 of 5)

by Sermon Gold

This is a message from pastor, teacher and author Ben Patterson from the series “A Christian Perspective of Pain and Suffering”